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The simplest well water shutoff system ever designed. Prevent flooding by residential water well systems in the event of a water leak.  Buy Now ➡

Successful Sales Techniques

One of the sales techniques used with our products is “upselling” on the spot when a service tech is at a customer's site for service or installation. This is the best time to sell any products and has success. The tech’s have the system and accessories right on their service truck, so no extra trip is needed for parts order and pick up. With this type of sales approach, one of my customers is at a 22% sell rate. I understand that tech’s are not salesmen, so I supply them with sales brochures to inform their customer about the Leak Defender, so there is minimal interface needed. When they arrive at their customer's site, they hand it to the homeowner. We found that most homeowners are not aware of the possible damage that can happen. The sales of the Leak Defender is a win/win situation. The customer has the piece of mind and security while you have almost eliminated your liability for catastrophic damage and possible insurance claims.