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The simplest well water shutoff system ever designed. Prevent flooding by residential water well systems in the event of a water leak.  Buy Now ➡


The Tec Innovators LEAK DEFENDER PS Water Leak Detection System is designed to shut off your water supply from an in ground well system in the event of a water leak in the vicinity of your water well components or any water feed appliance.    This system will replace your existing water systems pressure switch.

Caution High Voltage: We strongly recommend installation by a qualified technician. Must meet or exceed local and national electrical codes.

Step By Step Instructions

1.     Shut off power to pump at the load center. Tag or lock out the breaker to avoid the pump being turned on.

2.     Locate system pressure switch and remove cover. Use the voltage meter to check the terminal posts for current. The reading for all terminals must be zero. Do not attempt any repair if the reading is anything other than zero. Instead, contact an electrician before proceeding.

3.     Disconnect power connections to the existing pressure switch remove conduit connections to the pressure switch.

4.     Shut off main water supply system using the inline ball valve.

5.     Drain water from supply tank by either a drain valve on the tank manifold system or by opening a nearby faucet to remove the pressure in the line.

6.     Remove pressure switch from water system manifold. Check pipe nipple connection for excessive corrosion. If present replace with ¼ NPT pipe nipple.

7.     Clean exposed pipe thread and apply sealing tape for new pressure switch.

8.     Carefully screw on Leak Defender PS switch and tighten using a wrench on the coupling under the switch.  Do not screw switch onto nipple using the switch body. This will damage the switch.

9.     Close drain valve. Open main system inline valve and check pressure switch pipe connections for leaks.

10.   Reconnect conduit and wire connections using wiring diagram inside switch cover then attach cover on pressure switch.

11.   Connect system power plug into power connector and plug transformer into a 120VAC outlet and turn on main power circuit breaker.

12.   Connect sensor plug to system sensor connector and place sensor puck on the floor in the vicinity of the pressure tank and the feed manifold for the tank.

13.   The sensor puck should have a green light on indicating that the system is in detection mode.

System Testing

On the sensor puck a green led light will be on. Press the “push to test” button on the sensor puck. The green light will switch to a red light indicating that the power is off to the pumping system. To reset the system press the push to reset button and the system will be in detection mode again.

System Reset

 When a leak is detected the power will be shut off to your well pump. A red light on the sensor puck will indicate the system has been tripped and an audio alarm with sound. Locate and repair leak then dry bottom of sensor puck from moisture. Once dried press “Reset” button on sensor. If sensor is dried enough the light will switch from red to green indicating the system is armed. Must pull out the black knob on the left side of the of the pressure switch. This will unlock the contact lift device inside the pressure switch.

System Specifications

  • Model: Leak Defender PS 
  • Pressure rated to 100 PSI
  • Power Voltage: 120VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Factory set: On at 40 PSI/ Off at 60 PSI
  • Contact Rating: 115/220 VAC @ 2HP Pump Max
  • Connection: ¼ NPT (Female)
  • Sensor Voltage: 24 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Not designed for outdoor exposure